Vain Neck Brush for Hairdressers - White

Manufacturer: Vain
REMOVE CUT LOOSE HAIR; This neck duster brush has soft fibres and is a careful way to remove loose hair MATERIAL; Matt black and chrome plastic. The neck brush is light in weight, so it is convenient to use FLAT BASE; The handle has a flat base to store it upright on a counter or a dressing table VERSATILE; Suitable for professional and home use PRACTICAL; Perfectly accessory for all barbers & hair stylist
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Our professional neck brushes are a salon and barber shop staple and are excellent for brushing away loose hair from behind your neck and around the chin.

Any type of cut or shave of hair can easily make a mess and cause loose shreds of hair to fall inside your clothes, but these neck brushes help keep the process tidy and save any excess strands or shavings from lingering on your skin and clothes.

They feel luxurious and soft to the touch, which in turn enhances your salon experience. Perfect for professionals in a salon or barber setting, they are compact and easy to store.

The ergonomic handle is extra thick and easy to grip. It helps you sweep away access hair from all angles and remains comfortable to hold for long periods.

Brush hair off necks and shoulders with expert precision without the brush slipping from your hands.

Our brushes are excellent for at home haircuts and shaves. They are small and compact and will help prevent loose hair strands from being deposited around the house.

Keep your surroundings clean and help protect your clothes in the process

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